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    Longines Conquest jump

    - world premiere of dedicated horse lovers can let each rider a timed and managed by the disciplinary penalties imposed.

    Among the many sports Longines partners - including tennis, alpine skiing, archery and gymnastics - equestrian sports hold a special remarkable place. They are really passionate, wholly owned brands. And within the context of the riding itself, next to the racing and endurance equestrian supreme.

    The first partnership Longines signed equestrian events in 1912 sixty-two years, after dozens of Longines supported event, the brand officially signed a partnership with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in. Equestrian World Cup, which since the fall of 1978, the indoor circuit occur each year, FEI World Cup today table name.

    In this world premiere, and in cooperation with the FEI, Longines, recently launched a conquest skip mode, dedicated to show jumping. This is the first time ever to watch, so that the timing of the second round of the rider percentile, and, most important - and in this the world's first - the punishment to the rules governing the sport stipulated. Given all the necessary time to watch the show jumping functions and settings are already praised John · P · Roche, FEI jumping director feat.

    In a nutshell, the punishment during the two tables (A and C) ruling, the equestrian events. Table A record points (for example, four points knocked column), and in Table C, failure punishment seconds (for example, eight seconds for the same dismantling it).

    New conquest jump watch can be converted to time or penalties prescribed time event to add the penalty seconds are over, in the table (A or C) line is suitable for the process to be monitored.

    A large number of functions can be programmed to calculate in order to watch the end of the performance to be monitored by the rider to achieve: When Table A or B, and assigned to the wheel, adding a penalty for each failure and count down the seconds. Watches times, the rider's full and every fault, the reporter punishment / sec tablet increases the number of seconds corresponding round of time. Once all the parameters are recorded and monitored in the first rider in a single piece by push allows the measurement of the following
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