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Konusu 'Silinmiş Konular' forumundadır ve zosidghy56 tarafından 25 Eylül 2017 başlatılmıştır.

  1. zosidghy56

    zosidghy56 Yasaklı Yasaklı

    8 Ocak 2016
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    Richard Mille RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL replica watch

    Buy Replica HYT 2017 H1 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN 148-DB-07-BF-FW watch

    Model: 148-DB-07-BF-FW
    Case: Titanium,Round
    Case diameter : 48.8 mm
    Thickness : 17.90 mm
    GLASS: Sapphire
    Movement: Manual Winding
    Year: 2017
    BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
    STRAP: Calfskin
    FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve

    Bell and Ross Retro Bellytanker Limited Edition

    Swiss watch brand Bell & Ross for its latest watch collection, from the retro influence of Bellytanker racing to get inspiration. Vintage Bellytanker series of products with limited edition of 500 as two, proudly demonstrated the Swiss watch brand of engineering and limit the enthusiasm of the machine.

    The Bellytanker racing has a missile-like aerodynamic function that is built using fuel tanks on fighters. Equipped with an engine and four wheels, the tank turned into a streamlined racing driver. Bellytanker is best known for the speed of the Great Salt Lake apartment in North America. Most of these water has evaporated these huge open deserts, especially for racing races. Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats is the most famous example.

    Originated in the '40s and' 50s, the term "Bellytank" was originally called an emergency drop tank installed in the fighters of the fighter. "Bellytanker" is now mainly used for high-speed racing cars directly from these spare tanks.Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari replica watches

    Their history can be traced back to the end of the war. Bill Burke, who is soaring in the United States, wants to build an ultra-fast car to play in the salt field. He fought in the South Pacific, and developed into the elegance of these fighters landing tanks, and their air power lines seemed to be swept by the wind. His eyes look like the perfect foundation for the establishment of speed machines. He is not wrong: their droplets shape to ensure excellent performance. At the end of the war, many military parts were sold cheaply. In 1946, he bought a water tank from the North American P-51 Mustang for $ 35. He used it to build a bright yellow mini hot stick. He is equipped with a fuel tank to form the body, on the chassis, with a strong V8 engine. He took his prototype to the Bonneville Salt Lake race for testing.

    Did not realize that he created the world's first Bellytanker. The shape and design of this aerodynamic vehicle ensured its position in the history of great flying in North America in the 1950s and 1950s. It was also included in the racing record with the hot rod and gas station racing. In the car world, it also quickly gained a symbolic position.cheap fake watches for sale

    Bill Burke continues to develop Lockheed P-38 fighters based on tanks on light aircraft. Bell and Ross designed their own cars and took these later versions of Bellytanker as inspiration. As part of the wheel of the aircraft, this new car is fully in line with the spirit of the watch brand, which has the aviation and military fields of DNA. The retro racing driver is the latest in the company's limit machine. It will be the impact of aviation and many nodding to the watchmaking world. So its body metal is like a watch case. The glass that covers its cockpit echoes with the ultra-curved crystals. The decoration of the copper culture evokes the dial of the watch from this time. Its tail, designed to stabilize the vehicle, is the reference to the aviation specification, and its "nose" matte black is also true. This color is used for some stealth fighters to avoid reflection.



    http://www.fashiontimewear.com.This classic models with small 38.5 mm drawing steel case, can be traced back to the fifties of the fifties watches, but also the P-51 Mustang's cockpit. Flat and delicate, so watch a sense of elegance. Solid back with Bellytanker carving outline. Finally, the ultra-curved sapphire crystal with its ancient colors recalls the round windows of the classic aircraft cockpit.

    The watch is equipped with an automatic winding action, powered by three hands; it shows hours, minutes and seconds. The date is 4.30. The color scheme of the dial matches the Bell & Ross racing driver. The metallic copper wire of the dial is echoed with the color of its rim. The details of the minute track saw the black memories of the car's nose. Finally, for the case, the number, the index and the hand of the steel, its carved body was praised. Metal index and figures are decals. The metal skeleton hand is filled with Superluminova, keeping them visible at night. The aircraft-shaped counterweight on the second hand is one of Bell & Ross's new style signatures. The watch is equipped with a very soft and soft dark brown leather strap, age retro style.

    technical details
    Limited 500 copies

    Caliber BR-CAL.302
    Automatic machinery

    Hour, minute, center second hand and date

    Diameter 38.5 mm
    Satin polished steel
    Crystal: anti-reflective coating super-curved sapphire
    Waterproof: 100 meters

    Map numbers and indicators
    Metal Skull Superluminova® is full of hours and minutes hand

    Brown calfskin
    Clasp: Needle. steel.

    This model is equipped with two timers: 9 o'clock 30 minutes, the central 60 seconds. The date is between 4 and 5 o'clock.HYT H1 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN 148-DB-07-BF-FW replica watch

    The version is dressed in satin polished steel case, the size of 41 mm, prompt P-51 Mustang tank. Sapphire case can make a glimpse of the chronograph mechanism of the gear train. With a solid back version with B & R Bellytanker carving outline. The crown and buttons are tightened to improve the waterproof performance. Fixed baffle with a speedometer scale, you can always calculate the speed of the car.

    The watch has a so-called "Panda" dial because of the contrast between the black counter and the gold dial. The color scheme used matches Bellytanker's color scheme. The metal copper of the dial is echoed with the color of the wheel rim. The minute lines on the minute track are also found on the nose of the car. Finally, the steel used for the case, the number, the index and the hand of the car is the car's carved body's nod. Metal index and figures are decals. The metal skeleton hand is filled with Superluminova, keeping them visible at night. The second-hand plane weight is one of Bell & Ross's new style signatures. There are two belts: retro style dark brown leather or sports metal bracelet.

    technical details
    Limited 500 copies

    Caliber BR-CAL.301
    Automatic machinery

    Hour, minute, small second hand at 3 o'clock position
    The 30-minute timer is at 9 o'clock, the central chronograph second hand: timing

    Diameter 41 mm
    Satin polished steel strip
    Speedometer size steel bezel
    Spiral crown and button
    Crystal: Ultra-curved sapphire with anti-reflective coating
    Sapphire case back
    Waterproof: 100 meters.

    Gold plating
    Metal inlay scale and index
    Metal Hollow Superluminova® Fill the hour and minute hands

    Satin polished steel or brown calfskin
    Buckle: folding; satin polished steel

    Bell and Ross like to limit the limit of passion to the limit. Its new Bellytanker car naturally continues to move forward: B-Rocket Motorcycle and Aero GT Supercar. The new Bellytanker series uses two watches, the use of retro style round, while maintaining a firm modern. It aims to arouse the legendary era of North America in the 1950s. Participants crossed Salt Lake, most notably in Bonneville, where they were super fast homemade hot sticks. This series is for contemporary and enthusiastic drivers, fell in love with the wine.Online Urwerk replica watches


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